Custom milling. Your place or mine on a Wood-Mizer LT-70 Sawmill. This is the largest portable mill made by Wood-Mizer.

My mill can cut…

  • up to 20′ in length and 36″ in diameter without chainsaw work.  Diameter is unlimited if the log can be broken down enough with a chainsaw.
  • up to a 5000-pound log without other lifting devices.  If the log is heavier, lifting help will be required.
  • any dimension up to 29″ wide in a single cut.
  • board and batten siding.
  • framing stock.
  • beams.
  • short stock (down to perhaps 6″ long).
  • natural edge slabs.
  • beveled siding.
  • furniture stock.
  • instrument stock.
  • artisan stock.
  • fencing.

Let your imagination run wild!

Check out our “Spare Time” page for some examples of what we did with the various wood species that I cut!

Planing Services Available!

We offer planing services out of our home. Our Grizzly Variable Speed Planer can handle up to 24-inch wide boards/slabs, 7 inches thick, and unlimited length (within reason of course). We charge $60/hour with a one hour minimum. Please call for availability and scheduling.