A Unique Undertaking

A Unique Undertaking

What started out as a root ball down at the neighbor’s place turned into quite a story. It’s so amazing to see a tree milled into a beautiful work of art.

The process of creating "Dragon's Head".

This was only HALF of the root ball that I hauled home on a borrowed trailer.  Hauling the root home was probably the most memorable occurrence I’ve ever encountered. As I was heading home on my driveway, the weight from the trailer started pushing me forward (toward a VERY steep embankment, I might add). My truck was shoved over the edge with only my two right-side tires still touching the ground. As a result, a young fir tree sliced open the side panel to the bed of my truck. The neighbors who lived down the road volunteered 45 minutes to help me upright my vehicle and I eventually got back on the road. Needless to say, after strategically parking it when I got home so my wife couldn’t see the damages, I still ended up sleeping on the couch.

Appropriately deemed the “Dragon’s Head” table. We’ve also found different images in it, including a gorilla head.

What other image(s) can YOU find?

The "Dragon's Head" Masterpiece.

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